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Design It - Garden Design Services

Initial Consultation

The process begins with an initial site visit. At this point we will talk through your ideas and look at how to get the best out of your garden. From this, a design brief will be produced and sent to you with a design proposal and a free no obligation quotation.

Site Survey

The next stage of the process is to conduct a site survey to identify the services, accesibility and boundaries. This is drawn to scale and acts as a base plan for the design process.

Concept Drawing 

A scaled concept drawing will then be produced to meet the design brief. The concept drawing will indicate the location of hard and soft landscaping areas, water features and utility areas. The drawing will be presented to you and we will discuss and make any ammendments as necessary.

Master Plan

After the presentation and feedback from the concept phase, a fully annotated master plan is produced in colour. This is presented to you and is accompanied with a mood board of proposed materials, focal points and other elements of significance to the design.

3D Visualisation

These can be produced as a perspective view of a defining feature or of the entire garden and would be presented alongside the master plan.

Construction Drawings

Detailed construction drawings can be produced of the hard landscape features of the garden, garden structures and water features.  Construction drawings will be recommended for more complex designs or when using external contractors.

Planting Plans

Planting plans can be produced and presented alongside the masterplan. These show individual plants in the design and their spacing, allowing the plants top be costed and planted with ease.